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Karen Weinstock reveals a one of a kind approach to dating, used by men and women across America to find their perfect match, while avoiding awkward dates and meaningless conversations.

  A whole new way to navigate modern dating!

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Can You relate?


Especially with online dating apps where, sadly, there are a lot of scammers.

People are so frustrated or hurt that they have either given up or just about ready to give up on dating.

If this sounds like you, you're not alone... 


The entire paradigm of dating and relationships has changed forever with the invention of online dating apps. What used to be easy is complex and difficult right now. 

My experience with dating online was horrible. I found out the hard way, it is a minefield of inauthenticity and disappointment.

I was struggling to figure out why my dates went from boring to horrible and why some people were ghosting me or lying to me. 

Successful dating is about avoiding issues before they happen. It’s about screening out the people who don’t fit before chemistry has a chance to confuse things. Most people do not really stop to think about what they are actually looking for in a partner or a relationship.

Using my approach, you not only do this but also learn how to quickly and easily know whether someone would (or would not) be a good match for you. 

It can help you not only circumvent the shady characters and other risks of online dating, but it can show you how to find meaningful relationships with real people who are most likely to be compatible with you.

You can have fun on your dates, enjoy who you’re meeting and get to know like-minded people who can be your friends as well as potential long-term partners.

Using my blueprint, you can cut through the masks, the lies, and the bullshit fast, and find a fulfilling, long-term relationship with someone with whom you share a mutual love, based on who each of you really are.
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discover inside the book


I developed my own unique and easy-to-use dating approach to attract perfect matches that ANYONE can use and succeed in. It worked great for me, and now it can help you, too

I want to empower you to make good choices, and find a meaningful, fulfilling long-term loving relationship, just like I did. Inside this book you will:
  • ​Learn why relying on chemistry to find a lasting relationship might not be the best idea, and what you can do instead… (page 11)
  • ​Find the most important question you need to ask BEFORE you start a journey to find a lasting relationship, and why avoiding this question could lead to disaster… (you'll find this on page 21)
  • Discover the 4 questions that will let you know if you’re ready to start dating or looking for a relationship… (these are outlined on page 29)
  • ​​How to identify and (re)define your personal attributes before you date someone, so you can rule out whoever doesn’t align with them… (this time-saving process is found on page 39)
  • How to find the attributes that are most important to you and how they will help navigate the search process… (revealed on page 55)
  • Discover a list of 36 questions I used every time I was considering starting a new relationship. I call them “the questions that lead to love” (you'll find them on page 290)
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meet the author

Hi, I'm Karen

I was born in Israel and, as most of men and women do over there, I served in the military. I then graduated in law from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, ranked in the top 100 universities in the world.

I pursued the American dream and immigrated with only two suitcases. I was very determined to make it happen.

I won't say it was easy, but all the hard work paid-off and I have been able to grow one of the top immigration law firms, helping thousands of people find their own American dream.

Unfortunately, my love life wasn't so successful. My fourteen-year marriage ended in divorce because me and my ex-husband were incompatible.

I wasn't ready to give up on dating... 

I knew I still wanted to have a meaningful romantic relationship.

To my surprise, the dating world was completely different 14 years later. I discovered very quickly that dating online was a minefield of inauthenticity and disappointment.

I wanted to get the most out of dating and, honestly, waste less time, effort, and energy on unsuitable partners.

Combining psychology, insights from years of marriage counseling, many relationship books, and tools and systems I learned while growing my business, I developed my own unique and easy-to-use approach that anyone can utilize to attract perfect matches.

My mission is to empower you to explore, make good choices, and find meaningful, fulfilling long-term relationships.

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As of today stock of the book is low. Don't miss out.
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